Saturday, August 8, 2009

My Unhappiness with Robby Gordon...

Most of you guys probably don't know this but I am slowly becoming a huge Nascar fan. Not as big of a fan like I am with hockey but that is beyond the point. Anyways, I was watching the Nationwide Series race on Saturday, watching a lot of my favorite drivers battle it out for the win. At one point, all of my drivers were in the top ten. But then the problems started halfway through the race.

Denny Hamlin, who was in the top 5 most of the race, started having problems with his car and left the track and went to the garage. I am not sure exactly was wrong with his car but I know he left the track and didn't return.

My all-time favorite driver, Joey Logano, had the biggest problems out of anyone. But his problems were caused by another driver. Joey, who is the youngest driver in Sprint Cup and Nationwide Series, was wrecked by Robby Gordon with 11 laps to go in the Zippo 200 at the Glenn, but the battle between the 2 drivers started half way through the race.

It started when Robby Gordon decided to hit joey and they both ended up with flat tires and damage to their cars. Joey did nothing wrong, except Robby Gordon thinks that Joey is at fault. By this time, both drivers are really mad and both were a lap down after getting repairs to their cars. The battle was still not over. The two drivers were next to each other going into the "bus stop", which is the hardest turn on the track. Gordon hit Joey down to the bottom of the track and Joey bumped him back a little bit. By now, there was 11 laps left in the race and the battle got ugly. Going around turn 9, a car spun out bringing out a caution. On the same turn, Gordon hit Joey from behind, sending Joey into the tire wall. Not only was the front of his car completely destroyed, but his car also caught on fire.

Joey got out of the car and was fine but tempers were flaring. After Joey got released from the medical center, he was surrounded by the media. His quote from the crash, "It's pretty stupid to wreck someone under caution but you can't fix stupid, it's forever." Words from a teenager (lol)!

I can't find the video of Robby Gordon's interview from after the race, but what he said was that he didn't care what Joey thought because Joey was at fault. Even the announcers said that Joey didn't do anything wrong.

Robby Gordon is just an idiot.

And by the way, the week before this happened, Robby Gordon did the same thing to David Stremme and they both ended up crashing and going to the penalty box (the penalty box in Nascar is that the drivers have to sit in their pit boxes for 5 laps).

To see the first part of the battle, click here

To see the crash, click here

Just some more info about the video:

Joey is the # 20 yellow game stop car
Gordon is the # 55 purple car