Monday, December 14, 2009

Glorious Day

Casting Crowns now has 4 albums out. Every time they came out with a new one, at least one of their songs quickly becomes my new favorite. It's really hard for me to pick a favorite though because I love every one of their songs. But I think I can narrow it down to 4 songs.

1. Casting Crowns- Voice of Truth
2. Lifesong- Praise you in this Storm
3. The Altar and the Door- East to West

My favorite song from their new album is just an awesome song. I first heard it when I went to the Casting Crowns concert a few months ago and as soon as I heard it, I texted my dad and told him to go listen to it. I have loved this song since the first time I heard it and it will stay one of my favorites.

4. Until the Whole World Hears- Glorious Day

I hope you all have enjoyed listening to these songs! Casting Crowns has so many more songs and they are all great songs. It was hard for me to pick just 4 of my favorites.

Sunday, November 22, 2009

18 Year Olds!

This year has been a great year for 18 year olds. Joey Logano got to start his first season in Sprint Cup this year. Matt Duchene and Ryan O'Reilly got to start their NHL career the same year they got drafted.

Joey (Sliced Bread) Logano was supposed to be in Nationwide this season but because Tony Stewart left JGR, Joey got the call to take his place and to start his career a year earlier than he had planned. Joey's rookie season in Sprint Cup was mostly a learning year for him. He had his ups and his downs. He got his first Sprint Cup win in a rain-shortened race in New Hampshire. He had a roller coaster ride of a crash at Dover when he rolled 8 times. He raced some of the best drivers in the world such as Jeff Gordon, Jimmie Johnson and his teammate, Kyle Busch. He even got to host Monday Night RAW with Kyle Busch and stand face to face with a wrestler that was 4x his size. He has 9 top tens, and 7 finishes of 30th or worse. Overall, Joey was pretty satisfied with his first season and sits in 19th spot in the standings with one race to go. Joey hasn't won it yet but he has a pretty safe lead over Scott Speed in Rookie-of-the-Year standings.

Matt (Dutchy) Duchene was drafted 3rd overall in the 2009 Entry Draft. He has played every game this season with the Avs. So far, everyone is impressed with the 18 year old. Duchene has played all 23 games of the regular season with the Avs. After those 23 games, Matt has 3 goals and 7 assists for 10 points. He has 43 shots on goal and has set up goals for some of the games greatest, like Milan Hejduk and Paul Stastny. Duchene started out the season centering a line with Marek Svatos on his right and Darcy Tucker on his left. Recently, he has been centering a line with Milan Hejduk on his right and Tucker on his left. Even his teammates are impressed with how he has been playing.

Ryan (Snook) O'Reilly was drafted 33rd overall in the 2009 Entry Draft. He to has played every game this season with the Avs. He has also impressed everyone so far. After the 23 games the Avs have played so far, O'Reilly has scored 4 goals and has 11 assists for 15 points. He has 36 shots on goal so far and has also set up some of the greats such as Marek Svatos and Milan Hejduk. O'Reilly started out the season centering a line with Chris Stewart on his right and Cody McLeod on his left. Recently, he has been playing with Marek Svatos on his right and Cody McLeod on his left. Every game O'Reilly impresses everyone even more.

This year has been a great year for rookies. From hockey to Nascar, the young guys are definitely stepping it up. It's great to see these kids having such great success at such a young age. Plus, I am able to relate to them since I am close in age. They all talk a lot like I do so it's always fun listening to them talk. I hope that Sliced bread, Dutchy and Snook all keep having success, cause it sure is fun to see them doing amazing things at a young age.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

My unhappiness with Greg Biffle..

Robby Gordon made me unhappy a few weeks ago and now, so has Greg Biffle. The sad part is, I used to like "The Biff." This time though, even my parents understand why I am so mad at him.

2 weeks ago, Nascar Nationwide Series was in Fontana at Auto Club Speedway. Joey Logano was on the pole, his teammate, Kyle Busch was starting next to him in second and Biffle was starting 14th. Usually, the two Joe Gibbs Racing teammates are the two everyone is chasing, but this weekend, Kyle wasn't much of a threat to anyone. Kyle was sick with a fever but still started the race so he would get the points and Denny Hamlin (Joey and Kyle's teammate on the cup side) was standing by for when the first caution came out.

Kyle got the lead from Joey after a few laps and led until that caution came out on lap 36. When everyone came in for tires, Kyle got out of the car and the crew helped to get Denny buckeled up and then change the tires. They re-started in the back of the pack. Meanwhile, Joey was in the front getting a lead on everyone except for one. Biffle was a little bit faster than Joey and caught up to him.

Once Biffle had caught up to Joey, the battle for the lead began. Joey was up against the wall and Biffle was on the inside of him. Then, Biffle hit Joey and Joey went into the wall and lost the lead and many more spots as everyone started to pass him because of the damage to the right side of his car. At this point, I was a little upset but that happens a lot, I figured that Biffle just got loose.

At the time when Biffle hit Joey, Jeff Gordon was with the announcers talking about the Chase. Jeff said that Biffle was too good of a driver to do that on accident. Then the announcers decided to listen to the Joey radio. Joey was screaming because Biffle put him into the wall. Then they listened the Biffle radio. He said that Joey came down on him and he didn't do anything wrong. Now I was wondering about what had happened.

While Joey was getting the damage fixed on his car, there was a new threat on the track. Denny Hamlin, in Kyle's car, had made his way back to the front and was now in a 3 way battle with Biffle and Keselowski. All of a sudden, Denny got a little loose and wrecked himself and Biffle. Keselowski got by without hitting them and so did Carl Edwards and Joey. Joey came back on that restart and won the race, his second win in two weeks.

I was watching the after race stuff to see if they said anything about Biffle and what I heard made me so mad. A lap before Joey and Biffle got together, Biffle told his crew cheif on the radio that he was going to put Joey into the wall. >:(

Later in the week, Biffle said that he was sorry for putting joey into the wall but Joey had a lot to learn about respect for vetern drivers. He said, "I didn't run im into the fence on purpose. I just meant to put a little squeeze on him like he did to me at Kansas." Later, he said to Joey, "I think you need to pay a little more respect to the veterans in this sport." My response to that - the young guys do need respect for the veterens but the veterens also have to have respect for the young guys. It goes both ways.

Joey is in the blue and orange Toyota and Biffle is in the blue ford.

To see the video of the two drivers getting togerther, Click Here.

To see the article about what Biffle had to say, Click Here.

And just a little side note, karma came back around to Biffle in the Sprint Cup Race the following day when he and Kasey kahne crashed. And Biffle is in the Chase so that hurt him a lot.

2 Words... Holy Crap

Almost 3 weeks ago, I was on a plane, coming home from North Carolina. I was either on the plane or at the airport most of the day. The bad news about that, I had to miss the Sprint Cup Race that day.

We had a layover at Washington-Dulles Airport after we left Raleigh. When we got off of the plane in Dulles, i had a text from my aunt (who is also a Nascar fan!). I read the text and I started freaking out. The text said: "Joey Rolled his car, he is ok." So those were the two things i knew. I had no idea what had happened and even though I knew Joey was ok, I don't think I was. I sent my aunt a text back saying : "What?!?!?!?!?!?!" Once we got off the plane, i called my dad to see if he knew exactly what had happened. Here was our conversation:

Me- "What happened to Joey?!"
him- "I don't know but he isn't on the track."
Me- "Well I know why he isn't."
Him- "Why?"
Me- "All I know is that his car rolled."
Him- "I will try to figure it out."

After that, I had to get on the plane, worrying about Joey the whole time. When we landed in Denver, I had another text from my aunt and what this one said, freaked me out a lot more than the first one: "He rolled at least 8 times." This was my expression: =o

I called my dad when we were on our way to the baggage claim and he told me what had happened;

Everybody had started checking up going around a turn and Tony Stewart (who was behind Joey) didn't realize that they were checking up. Tony hit Joey from behind and Joey spun out into the grass. The trouble didn't end there. Joey went back out onto the track and into traffic. Reed Sorenson tried to slow down but was also getting hit from behind by Martin Truex Jr. and Robby Gordon. As soon as Reed Sorenson hit Joey, his roller coaster ride begun. And he just kept on going and going.

Click here to see the video of the crash.

"It just really scared the heck out of me... It started rolling, and I was in there thinking, 'Man, just make this thing stop.'"

That was the quote from the nineteen year old who said that he was fine but was just shaking from the accident.

I'm glad you're ok Joey!!!!

Saturday, August 8, 2009

My Unhappiness with Robby Gordon...

Most of you guys probably don't know this but I am slowly becoming a huge Nascar fan. Not as big of a fan like I am with hockey but that is beyond the point. Anyways, I was watching the Nationwide Series race on Saturday, watching a lot of my favorite drivers battle it out for the win. At one point, all of my drivers were in the top ten. But then the problems started halfway through the race.

Denny Hamlin, who was in the top 5 most of the race, started having problems with his car and left the track and went to the garage. I am not sure exactly was wrong with his car but I know he left the track and didn't return.

My all-time favorite driver, Joey Logano, had the biggest problems out of anyone. But his problems were caused by another driver. Joey, who is the youngest driver in Sprint Cup and Nationwide Series, was wrecked by Robby Gordon with 11 laps to go in the Zippo 200 at the Glenn, but the battle between the 2 drivers started half way through the race.

It started when Robby Gordon decided to hit joey and they both ended up with flat tires and damage to their cars. Joey did nothing wrong, except Robby Gordon thinks that Joey is at fault. By this time, both drivers are really mad and both were a lap down after getting repairs to their cars. The battle was still not over. The two drivers were next to each other going into the "bus stop", which is the hardest turn on the track. Gordon hit Joey down to the bottom of the track and Joey bumped him back a little bit. By now, there was 11 laps left in the race and the battle got ugly. Going around turn 9, a car spun out bringing out a caution. On the same turn, Gordon hit Joey from behind, sending Joey into the tire wall. Not only was the front of his car completely destroyed, but his car also caught on fire.

Joey got out of the car and was fine but tempers were flaring. After Joey got released from the medical center, he was surrounded by the media. His quote from the crash, "It's pretty stupid to wreck someone under caution but you can't fix stupid, it's forever." Words from a teenager (lol)!

I can't find the video of Robby Gordon's interview from after the race, but what he said was that he didn't care what Joey thought because Joey was at fault. Even the announcers said that Joey didn't do anything wrong.

Robby Gordon is just an idiot.

And by the way, the week before this happened, Robby Gordon did the same thing to David Stremme and they both ended up crashing and going to the penalty box (the penalty box in Nascar is that the drivers have to sit in their pit boxes for 5 laps).

To see the first part of the battle, click here

To see the crash, click here

Just some more info about the video:

Joey is the # 20 yellow game stop car
Gordon is the # 55 purple car

Thursday, July 30, 2009


I am sitting in my parent's room, doing random things on facebook and sports websites. My mom is in the chair next to me and my dad is in his office. They are both on the phone and doing things on the computer at the same time. This is normal for my family. As my dad would say, "we are a family of nerds." I do agree with that statement, usually.

The other night, me and my parents were outside sitting on the front porch. My dad was sitting in the chair with his laptop and was emailing people from work. My mom had her Ipod and was playing games and I was sitting in the chair with my laptop and doing random stuff as usual. My dad looked up (for a few seconds) an simply said, this is sad, we are a family of nerds. As we were all occupied by our electronics, people kept walking by or driving by and we just kept wondering why this night was so busy on our street. I thought that it was really funny.

Now, we are all doing the same thing that we were the other night except we are all inside, where no one else can think we are nerds as well. Hopefully we will all be off the computers soon and do something together. My dad said we were going to go to Texas Roadhouse but he never asked my mom so we will see if we actually get to go out for dinner. But for now, we are a family of nerds and I wouldn't change my family for anything.

Sunday, July 19, 2009

A tribute to Lappy...

On July 2, 2004 Ian Laperriere signed a free agent contract with the Colorado Avalanche. Ian quickly became a fan favorite for the Avs fans. Ian had his own fan club called "it's all about Lappy" and t-shirts with that saying were seen all over Pepsi Center. July 1, 2009, 5 years after Lappy signed with the Avs, Ian was unable to agree to a new deal with the Avs and therefore, he signed a three-year contract with the Philadelphia Flyers.

Look through of the 5 years Ian was with the avs:

05-06 season:

  • Ian was an immediate success in Colorado in 05-06 season, posting the best points total of his career. He scored 21 goals and 24 assists for 45 points. His previous best was during his rookie season in the NHL with 13 goals and 14 assists for 27 points.

  • Played in all 82 games for the first time in his career.

  • led the Avs with 119 penalty minutes and 12 fighting majors.

  • Led all NHL forwards with 92 blocked shots.

  • He scored 2 goals in his 700th game against his former team, the Los Angeles Kings.

  • Scored his first career overtime goal on October 29 against the Vancouver Canucks.

  • Ian was named alternate captain in mid-November

  • He recorded a career high of three points on January 5 at Minnesota.

  • He scored his 20th goal of the season on April 8 against St. Louis, passing the 20 goal mark for the first time in his career. In doing so, he became the first Avalanche player to score 20 goals and compile 100 penalty minutes since 1998-1999.
06-07 season:

  • Led the Avs in penalty minutes with 133.

  • Led the Avs in fighting majors with 17, tied for second in NHL.

  • Scored his 100th career goal on October 29 against the Minnesota Wild.

  • Skated in his 800th NHL game on November 28th at Calgary.

  • Missed his first game as a member of the Avalanche on March 29 when he sat out because of a groin injury.

  • Was selected by his teammates to be the Avalanche's nominee for the King Clancy Trophy (given to the player who demonstrates leadership and humanitarian contribution in his community).

  • He was also one of three recipients of the 2007 Chopper Travaglini Award (presented to the team players that best exemplify Chopper's legacy of giving back to children in the community).

07-08 season:

  • Ian led the Avs with 20 fighting majors and was also team leader in penalty minutes with 140.
  • He appeared in his 900th NHL game on February 6 at San Jose
  • He scored his third career playoff goal in game 2 of the Western Conference Semi Finals at detroit on April 26.
  • In June 2008, Ian was one of four men honored by the American Diabetes Association and the Denver Father’s Day Council as a “Father of the Year."

08-09 season:

  • Led the team with 163 penalty minutes, the second highest total of his career.
  • He ranked first among Colorado forwards in blocked shots with 69 and was third in hits with 103, and he also led the club with 17 fighting majors.

  • He played in his 1,000th NHL game on April 11 versus Vancouver, who was the same opponent that he faced in his very first NHL game in 1994.

  • He was also honored as the Avalanche's nominee for the 2009 Bill Masterton Trophy (given to the player who best exemplifies the qualities of perseverance, sportsmanship, and dedication to ice hockey).

Ian was the team's fighter but even though he did fight all the time, his teammates and other people that meet him, consider him to be one of the nicest guys in the NHL. I am going to miss you Lappy and I hope everything goes well in Philadelphia.

Information gathered from:

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Life with dad 3...

I just got home from a month and a half trip to Texas, and I haven't seen my parents in forever! Me and my mom drove back home from Texas and got home on Sunday night but my dad wasn't there because he was up in Alaska killing fish (otherwise known as his "business trip"). So Tuesday morning my mom went to the airport to pick him up at 5:30 in the morning and got him a Starbucks (which I never got one) and he came home. A few hours later after my dad re-packed and hid in his office, he left again to go on a real business trip to D.C. where he is meeting with Congress (haha, he had to wear ties and he doesn't like ties). So he is gone again.

This trip is no fun for me though! I can't call and annoy him 5 times a day because he is with Congress. It's really no fun to sit at home and not annoy him. I doubt he will get out of a congress meeting just to see if there is Avs news or not (which there isn't but that is not the point). He is going to be home all next week which I am excited about and we are going to try and start on my room, hopefully.

Oh and the schedule for the 09-10 NHL season is out and we are going to buy tickets to the first game because that is when Joe is retiring his jersey. When I looked on the page where you buy tickets, there is a picture of me, my mom, and my dad at an Avs game! It's so cool!

Click here to see the pic.


Thursday, July 9, 2009

A tribute to Joe...

Since the 1992-93 season, Joe Sakic has been the Captain of the Avs/Nordiques franchise. He spent his whole career with this one franchise. He has been the heart and soul of the Avs ever since they became a team in 1995 and he has been a hero to many. Joe did so many things to help this franchise through the years. He helped bring hockey back to Colorado, and bring Colorado it's first professional championship. He helped someone to win his first cup after he had played 22 seasons in the NHL. Joe has been the only captain in Avs history and when the 09-10 season starts, there will be a new captain. Today, Joe announced his retirement from hockey.

Here are some of the major highlights of Joe's NHL career:

  • June 13, 1987 - Joe was drafted 15th overall by the Quebec Nordiques.
  • October 6, 1988 - Joe made his NHL debut and recorded his first career point.
  • October 8, 1988 -Joe scored his first career goal in a 5-3 loss against the New Jersey Devils.
  • October 5, 1989 - Joe played his first game wearing number 19 (the number he wore for the rest of his career).
  • March 31, 1990 - Joe recorded his first 100 point season.
  • 1992-93 season - Joe became the captain of the Nordiques.
  • April 25, 1996 - Joe scored his first career playoff hat trick against the New York Rangers.
  • June 10, 1996 - Joe wins his first Stanley Cup and Conn Smythe Trophy.
  • March 14, 1997 - Joe scored his first regular season hat trick for the Avs.
  • August 6, 1997 - Joe signed a three-year, $21 million offer sheet with the New York Rangers but the offer was matched by Colorado to keep Joe on the Avs.
  • December 27, 1999 - Joe became the 56th player in NHL history to record 1,000 career points.
  • June 9, 2001 - Joe wins his second Stanley Cup along with the Hart Trophy (awarded to most valuable player), the Lady Byng Trophy (the player who shows the most sportsmanship), the Lester B. Pearson Award (the NHL's most outstanding player during the regular season, and named to the all-star game.
  • February 24, 2002 - Joe helps Team Canada to the gold medal and named tournament MVP.
  • December 11, 2002 - Joe becomes the 31st player in NHL history to record 500 career goals.
  • April 24, 2006 - Joe scored his 7th career overtime goal (NHL playoff record).
  • October 25, 2006 - Joe becomes the 11th player in NHL history to record 1,500 career points.
  • February 15, 2007 - Joe became the 17th player to record 600 career goals.
  • October 23, 2008 - Joe scores his 625th goal, his final goal of his career.
  • November 2, 2008 - Joe records his 1,641st career point, his final point of his career.
  • November 28, 2008 - Joe appears in his final game before sitting out the rest of the season with a back injury. He played one shift of the game.
  • July 9, 2009 - Joe announces his retirement from hockey.
As I said before, Joe has been a hero to many and has helped so many people. Here are some other things he has done:

In 2001, when the Avs won their second cup, Joe didn't take the victory lap around the rink with the Cup first like captains always do. Instead, Joe gave the Cup straight to Ray Bourque who had played 22 season in the NHL (20 and half seasons with the Bruins) and still looking for his first Stanley Cup victory. Joe gave the Cup to Ray who was crying with excitement and he took the first lap while Joe waited his turn.

Joe's first few seasons with the Nordiques, he was mentored by the great Peter Stastny. In 2006, Peter's son, Paul, was drafted by the Avs and Joe mentored him. Joe was one of Paul Stastny's heroes growing up and Joe helped him throughout the 3 years they got to play together.

Joe spent the last 2 seasons of his career with injuries that made him miss most of the season. 2 years ago, Joe had surgery for a sports hernia. Last season, he played a total of 15 games because of a herniated disc in his back and 3 broken fingers because of a snow blower incident. Joe was one of the many players on the Avs that were hurt last season.

The 2 main reasons why Joe is retiring;
1) He is still recovering from the injuries last season and he didn't want to risk getting hurt again.
2) Joe has 3 kids; Mitch, Chase, and Kamryn. Mitch is 12 and plays hockey. Chase and Kamryn are twins, 9 years old. Chase plays soccer and Kamryn does gymnastics. Joe wanted to be able to go to their sports games and be able to spend more time with them. (How sweet is that?!?!)

Joe's jersey is getting raised to the rafters the game opener of the 09-10 season. As long as we are able to get tickets, I will be at that game. It's going to be a very emotional time for the staff, the players, and the fans. Joe was loved so much in Colorado and it's going to be very sad to see him leave.

Joe Sakic
Forever our captain, #19

Tuesday, June 30, 2009


BUDAJ RE-SIGNED WITH THE AVS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Budaj now has a one year contract for $1.25 million.


Monday, June 29, 2009

Starting to make me mad...

As the free agency for hockey starts on Wednesday, rumors about who's going where are shooting out like crazy. On the NHL website, they made a list of the top 50 free agents this summer.

Click here to see the article.

I agree with the top 50 list. Two Avs player's are on the list, they are Joe Sakic and Ian Laperriere. As I read about what they thought about Joe and Ian, I started getting soo mad. They said about the same thing for both players. They said that Ian and Joe were too good of players to stay with the Avs because the Avs are "rebuilding" as a team so they need to go to places where they can actually win. What the heck? If Joe stays one more season, the Avs aren't going to trade him for anything in the world. I know the stupid Canucks are trying to get Joe but it's not going to happen. According to everyone, Ian is already as good as gone but I don't think the Avs would trade him either. They both have helped the Avs soo much and the Avs wouldn't get rid of them.

I know the Avs didn't do good at all last season but why does everyone keep saying that they are "rebuilding" because they haven't done good the last few seasons? One season that they didn't do good and everyone counts them out for everything. And saying that our best players aren't going to stay with the Avs because the Avs aren't good enough for them, that is just plain rude and stupid.

At least the Avs fans stick with their team through the good and the bad. Unlike other teams (red wings) whose fans only love them because they win!!!

Before the season ended for the Avs, I read somewhere that some guy from Canada would love to buy the Avs and move them to Canada. Ok, not going to happen! One: the avs aren't going bankrupt so there is no reason to move them. Two: they did bad one season! Not a good enough reason to move them! And three: they would have to go through one angry fan to move the team. Can you guess which fan that is?

I brought that up because I was thinking about the Phoenix Coyotes who are going bankrupt and might get moved to Canada. It's sad and if that happened to the Avs I would die. I kinda like the Coyotes too and I don't want them to move. It would be a sad day in the NHL if that happened.

Oh and just another thing, according to Adrian Dater (sports writer in Denver), he met with the Avs new GM and Sherman said that the Avs staff knows Joe's answer about next season. If they know, why can't they tell us?!?! I would love to know if joe is staying or not!

Monday, June 22, 2009

Life with dad 2...

Since I am in Texas, there is no way I am able to annoy my dad like i usually do (messing up his hair! haha) so I found a way to make up for that by calling him everyday! This is how the phone conversation goes.

I call him, he doesn't answer because he is in a meeting so I hang up. A few minutes later, he calls me back.

Me: Hello
Dad: I got out of my meeting. What do you need?
Me: I just wanted to say hi.
Dad: Oh, any Avs news?
Me: Not yet.
Dad: Ok, I have to go back to my meeting!
Me: Ok.

I call him everyday to annoy him and this happens almost everyday. It makes me laugh really hard! It's fun to do that! He knows I love him though! :)

Sunday, June 21, 2009

A little bit of good news!

The Avs have finally signed someone to stay with the team!!! Cody Mcleod, who was our third leading scorer last season (he usually isn't that high up in the scoring sheet because he likes to fight but he did a good job last season!), got signed to a 3 year contract with the Avs! Now I love Cody Mac, but I would really like the Avs to sign some of the bigger guys! Joe Sakic, Ian Laperriere, David Jones, Peter Budaj, Andrew Raycroft! Please sign them!!!!!

I understand that we are most likely only going to sign one goalie, if any, but please please, sign Budaj to a new contract! I would die if Budaj left (yes, I know I have said that before but it's true!).

Joe spent last of last season recovering from a surgery for a herniated disc in his back, and three broken fingers from a snow blower accident (don't ask) and he played 15 games and half a shift the whole season. Joe is not only the captain of the Avs, but he is the heart and soul of the team. He is loved by the coaching staff, his teammates and Avs fans and if he decides to retire, we wouldn't know what to do. He has been out captain since we became a team and we wouldn't know what to do. I think Joe wants to stay one more year, but the question is; is he able to?

Ian Laperrire is loved so much by Avs fans! He has his own fan club and that fan club made t-shirts that say "It's all about Lappy." He is our assistant captain and even though he is our teams fighter, everyone that has met him says he is one of the nicest guys on the team. I thought that Lappy was a definite yes for a new contract,but then I read this article;

David Jones and Kyle Cumiskey are two of our younger dudes that have helped out a lot when we needed them to. David Jones was more of a regular and Cumiskey was called up when we needed more defense. Jones was a good scorer and helped out a lot on offense. Cumiskey was a fast defender and the coaches even had him play offense if they needed him to. Last season, they both got injured around the same time and had the same injury. They both had shoulder surgery and were out for half the season. Both are free agents this summer and I have a feeling we won't get rid of them.

In 10 days, the free agency is open and the trading stuff starts. Who is going to stay and who is going to go is the big question but hopefully the Avs will be able to keep the players that need to stay on the team.

And another thing, apparently, the Avs aren't trying to get people like the Sedin twins, Dany Heatly, Vincent Lecavalier, or Marin Hossa. All of these players are wanted by NHL teams and they are all awesome scoring dudes but yet the Avs aren't trying to get them. Why? They could help us so much but we aren't. So who are they going to get? We will have to find out in 10 days. I am so looking forward to that! NOT!!

I m trusting Greg Sherman (Avs new GM) to make good choices so he better!!!

Friday, June 12, 2009

Stanley Cup

The playoffs are finally over, the Stanley Cup was given out and the season is officially over. Does the season end with good news? Depends on how you look at it.

Heck yes the season ended with good news! The red wings did NOT win the Stanley Cup!!!!! WOOHOO!!! The Penguins won in game 7 2 to 1! The game was great and the Pens won it in detroit! How great is that? It's sad though because the wings were up 2-0 in the series and still lost! In my opinion, it is more funny than it is sad. Game 7 was such a great game and the wings almost sent the game to overtime in the last 10 seconds. I have to give them credit, it was a great game (except for the goalie is still not good enough to be named). With 10 seconds remaining in the third period, Fleury made about 4 saves, and not just good saves but saves that a normal person wouldn't be able to save. Fleury won the game for the Pens. Talbot did too since he did score the two goals for the pens. I wanted to scream so bad when the Pens won but I didn't since Audrey was sleeping.

The bad news, the season is over! That only means two things:
One- no more hockey to watch!!!! What am I supposed to do when there is no hockey!

This is how my life is. Hockey season is the best season and then, I get to wait for hockey season to start again (and people think I am obsessed with hockey! lol).
Two- Off-season is also the trading season. The coaches and general managers sit down and decide who to trade and who to get to make the team better. I know that it's just business, but this kind of business sucks. Especially when most likely they are going to trade your favorite player!

Anyway, I am so excited that the Penguins won the Cup! It was cool to see Sidney Crosby (Pens captain) hoist the cup because he is the youngest captain in NHL history to hoist it! It was really cool. And Malkin won the Conn Smythe Trophy for the best player this season. They just had an awesome season!

Well since the season is over and I don't get to see the Avs till September, I guess I will just have to sit back, relax and worry about who is going to get traded :(

Thursday, June 11, 2009


I haven't written in almost two weeks now because it is finally summer and I have enjoyed being lazy! 3 days after school ended, I left with my sister and my niece and Came to Texas with her. That was 2 weeks ago and I am still in Texas, hanging out, playing with Audrey, eating yummy food that my sister makes and going to the pool. Life is great!

Although I am not a huge fan of Texas because of the bugs, and the humidity, I am having so much fun! Even though I do miss my parents, and my friends. I also miss Colorado, the mountains, the cold summer, and my own bed!

What am I going to do when I get back to Colorado in July? I know exactly what I am going to do! I am going to move into my new room!!!!! My brother moved out and I get his old room! I can't wait! My dad is letting me and my friend paint it and move into it! Even though he gets to move the furniture. My new room is going to awesome! Plus I will have more wall space to put all my Avs posters and such. I also get to put this huge blue chair in there too! It is going to be sweet! Can you tell I am excited. I totally am!

P.S. Game 7 of the Stanley Cup Finals is on Friday night, Penguins vs. red wings! Please cheer for the team that doesn't have the old farts! :) Go PENS!!!!!!!

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Round 4

Round 4 of the Stanley Cup Finals, and the last round, are finally here! There is good news, bad news, and very bad news that go along with the final round. The good news is that the Penguins made it to the final round! The bad part about that is that the Canes are out but they did awesome this season so they should be proud of what they were able to accomplish (unlike the Avs who didn't even make the playoffs:(). The bad news is that since the playoffs are almost over, that means no hockey until September. The very bad horrible news is that the red wings are also in the final round. the wings beat the Hawks last night in overtime to win the series in game 5.

The match up for the final round is funny though because it's the same two teams that were in the final round last season when the red wings won the "loser" cup. The penguins have donebetter than the red wings this season, in my opinion (and i'm not just saying that because it's the wings). The penguins have the best young line-up in the league. They have Sidney Crosby, Evgeni Malkin, Jordan Staal, Marc-Andre Fleury and so many others. The Pens line-up is so much better than the old farts on the wings.


Sidney Crosby against henrik zetterberg (what kind of name is zetterberg?)
Evgeni Malkin against johan franzen (datsyuk is hurt or he would be against Malkin)
Jordan Staal against dan cleary
Marc-Andre Fleury against the guy who is still not good enough to be named
Sergei Gonchar against niklas kronwall (again, lidstrom would be here but he is hurt as well)

This series is going to be a fight till the end. Both teams are looking for 4 more wins to complete the 16 wins you need to win the Stanley Cup. Plus jordan Staal is looking to win the cup so he can have a Stanley Cup ring just like Eric!


Friday, May 22, 2009


In my last blog I said that on the Hurricanes and Penguins series that I wasn't sure of who I was cheering for, big mistake! My aunt got mad at me for saying that because she is a huge Canes fan! I am just going to correct myself by saying that I am cheering for the Canes more but I am still cheering for certain players on the Penguins like Jordan Staal and Sidney Crosby!

Even though the Canes are down 2 games to none, I think that they will still be able to pull it off and come back!

Hopefully the Blackhawks can do the same! They are in the same boat as the Canes so lets hope that my two teams can kick butt and pull off the victory!!


Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Round 3 (2)

The 2 game ones for the third round are both done. One of the games was really bad, the other one, I cant decide if it was good or bad yet. Can you guess which one is which?

Yes, the stupid red wings beat the Blackhawks 5-2!!! I mean come on people, it's round 3! No time to be making mistakes! In all the news reports about game one of this series, everyone thinks that the wings should win just because they have all the old farts on their team! Well since most of their team is ancient, the young Blackhawks should be able to pull it off. But it is only game one, and the goalie who is still not good enough to mention, will be breaking down tonight for game 2 of the B lackhawks and wings series. Did I mention that the Blackhawks coach gave their two best players less playing time then he usually does? Toews and Kane only got 12 minutes when they usually have around 23! What's up with that?

With the other series, the Canes and Pens, I am still not sure who I want to win since I love both of them! I am leaning more on the Canes though. This series had game one last night. It was a good game but the Penguins came out with the victory. The final score was 3 to 2. The Canes almost tied it up in the last minute of the game, but Marc-Andre Fleury wouldn't let anything go by him. The game was amusing though as I watched Jordan and Eric Staal battle it out. They were out against each other most of the game and doing face-offs against each other a lot! There was some pushing and shoving between the two but no fight (I kinda want to see a Staal fight!).

Game 2 for the Blackhawks and red wings is tonight and game 2 for the Canes and Pens is Thursday night so we will see what happens! But the Hawks need to win tonight!!!!

P.s. If the wings loose in this series, I can stop saying their name!!!! WOOHOO!!!! GO HAWKS!!!

P.s.s. Go Pens and Canes (I am just cheering for both at the moment!)!

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Round 3!!!

Round 3 of the Stanley Cup Playoffs starts today (woohoo!)! 3 of the 4 teams that are in the conference finals are teams that I wanted in the playoffs still. The final four teams are the Chicago Blackhawks, the Pittsburgh Penguins, the Carolina Hurricanes, and unfortunately, the red wings.

The round 3 match ups are bringing in a lot of talent and a good series. The Hurricanes and Penguins I am really excited for because I get to see two of my favorite players face off against each other, plus the two players are brothers. Jordan Staal of the Penguins gets to play his older brother, Eric of the Hurricanes! Their other brother, Marc, got eliminated in the first round. The goaltending for the two eastern conference teams are both going to be hard to get the puck past. Cam Ward and Marc-Andre Fleury are two of the best goalies in the league and its going to be a really fun match up to see.

The Blackhawks and the red wings is also going to be a good series even though it is the wings. Both teams have a lot of talent. The offensive match ups are Jonathon Toews (Hawks) against pavel datsyuk (wings), Patrick Kane (hawks) against henrik zetterberg (wings) and for goalies, Nikolai Khabibulin (hawks) and no one because the red wings goalie is so not even good enough to mention.

I think that both series is going to go to at least 6 games because of all the talent. My final round match up though, is the Blackhawks and Hurricanes. But i will be happy either way as long as the red wings don't make it any farther!!

P.s. sorry for even saying the red wings players names! EEEEWWWW!!

P.s.s. Go Hawks and Canes!!!!!!!!!!!

Monday, May 11, 2009


Birthdays are a wonderful day to celebrate when you were born. For me, I spend my birthdays with my family and friends. Yesterday was my birthday and it was been a wonderful day so far. Here is how my birthday went;

Of course i had school:( but it was actually a pretty fun day (mostly). Today was a purple day at school and those are my favorite day out of the three. Study hall was boring as usual but still better than actually learning (LOL)! Computer art was also boring because we just had make a review of someones art piece and we had to be completely quiet. Gym was totally awesome for once! Instead of my teacher making us do 50 push ups and 100 crunches, we only had to do 25 push ups and 50 crunches! So much easier! Then the rest of the class we were finishing our badminton tournament which is boring but if we were out of the tournament already, then we could just play random games. So me and 5 of my friends played 3 on 3 with 3 shuttles and no rules. We were laughing so hard that we couldn't keep track of where the shuttles went.

At lunch, my mom brought me Chick Fil' A and it was so good! Then me and my friends handed out cookies to all of my friends and teachers. Spanish was also boring but amusing because of the 3 boys that sit around me.

When I got home, I got to relax and go on a bike ride with one of my friends before I went out to dinner. For dinner we went to Elephant Bar where I had my favorite salad ever, the honey mustard chicken salad! Yummy!!!! And then I had a giant cookie ice cream sandwich for dessert. During dinner my parents gave me mouse for my laptop and an Ipod touch! My birthday was totally awesome!

Then today, I continued with my birthday by bringing cookies down to the class I help in the elementary. I have to say that it is amusing to watch a class of first graders sing the "cha cha cha" version of happy birthday. And maybe giving 6 and 7 year olds cookies wasn't the best idea but the class made sure I had a great celebration. Plus i got attacked by the class with hugs. Overall, my birthday was awesome!

Saturday, May 2, 2009


May is a wonderful month in so many ways. In Colorado, May is when the weather starts to get warmer in preparation of summer. Warm weather means that the trees and flowers will still blooming and everything will be beautiful.

May is also wonderful because the school year ends in May. I usually like school but there is only so much waking up early I can take. The end of the school year is usually filled with excitement of summer but in high school, it's a different story. The end of the year in high school terms means finals. Whoohoo (NOT!!!)! School ends here on the 22nd of May and while the teachers get in any last minute lessons, we students start to worry about the finals that count for a pretty big portion of our grade (no pressure on the students or anything).

In hockey terms, May is awesome because it's the second round of the Stanley Cup Playoffs. The third round will also start later on in the month. 16 teams made it to the playoffs and I had a pick of which teams I wanted to win. out of the 8 series, 6 of the teams that made it to the second round were teams I wanted to win, 2 of them did not (Blues and Blue Jackets, which means that the red wings and canucks made it to the second round). As the playoffs continue, I start to think about the Stanley Cup and who is going to win it this year. I want the Blackhawks to win, but they need to get past round 2 first.

May is wonderful for so many more reasons but I am going to finish on one last note. May is also when Mother's day is. The second Sunday of May, everyone gets to celebrate why moms are also so awesome! Mother's day is in a week and I not only think about my mom, but I also think about Melissa and Amber who get to celebrate their first Mother's day as well.

O.K. one last thing! My birthday is in May!!!! WOOHOO!!!! LOl :)

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Life with dad...

I'm almost positive that all of you know my dad. You are either related to him or you work with him or you are just a friend. But I am sure that none of you know the weird things he does. For those of you who work with him, you may know that most of the time, he can't keep his office desk clean (like me and my room). He seems like that but he really is different at home!

I call my dad "Hygiene Man" because he is obsessed with hair, showering, and brushing teeth. Most of the people in the world are obsessed with being clean but my dad takes it to an extreme. He thinks that if you brush your teeth, you need to brush them again a minute later 'cause they get so dirty in one minute (sarcastic!!). He also doesn't like me and my mom's "lazy days". Lazy days are when me and my mom stay in our pajamas all day and relax. It bothers my dad so much!

But I know have a new nickname for my dad; Dust man! My dad feels the need to dust everything, at the worst times and weirdest places. Here is an example: Monday night me, my mom and my dad were going to Texas Roadhouse for dinner. We all brushed our teeth (Hygiene Man), got our shoes on and then my dad realizes that the TV and dresser in the master bedroom was dusty. So while me and my mom stood there (and i was starving!) he got the duster and started dusting. Now i understand that it needed to be dusted but why at that moment? Especially when me and my mom both really wanted food! After five minutes, he was finally done dusting and we headed off to dinner.

Another example is in the weirdest spot category. My dad owns an Acura MDX that has too many miles on it to count! He loves his car and it shows! One day while we were sitting at the bus stop, he pulls out a duster and starts to dust the car. Now i also understand that the car can get really dusty but he keeps a duster in the car! Whenever he feels the need to dust it, he pulls the duster out and dusts. While he dusts, i am giving him the "What up with the duster look".

And people think i'm the weird one in the family! Obviously,I get my weirdness from him!

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Purple, Black and Silver

At my school, we have three different days that decide what classes we go to. We have purple days, silver days, and black days. At first, the schedule is really confusing but after you learn where to go, finding your way around the school is pretty easy. A typical day at my school goes as follows:

Purple days:
-First period: study hall- BORING!!! We do absolutely nothing in study hall
-Second period: Computer Art: Can be fun, but also can be boring.
-Homeroom: My homeroom teacher is totally awesome!
-Third Period: Gym- I love gym but I could do with out doing 50 push-ups.
-Lunch: Lunch gets crazy but the only main time we have to socialize.
-Fourth Period: Spanish- Also very boring

Silver days:
-Fifth period: Civics- Civics teacher is awesome!
-Sixth period: English- not my best subject.
-Homeroom: See above
-Seventh period: math:( my worst and least favorite class out of them all!!!!!
-Lunch: Also see above
-Eighth period: science- My favorite class and teacher!

Black days we only have after snow days. Black days are torture! We have to go through all of our classes in one day and it makes the day seem a lot longer than it is. The one thing i like about black days though, is that i have a shorter math class!! WOOHOO!

At my school, the schedule can get confusing, especially when you are a new student. Class schedules aren't always fun but I like all of my classes and most of the teachers are really nice. They make school fun which helps out a lot! Luckily, tomorrow is a purple day so i don't have to sit through and hour and a half of math! But i do have to do 50 push-ups in gym:(

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Snow storms, 5 day weekends, and babies..

Colorado is in the middle of a huge snow storm. The storm started thursdat night and isnt supposed to end until tonight or tomorrow. I personally love the snow! Not only does it let us miss school if there is enough, but it is also so pretty. On the mountains, trees, and on the roofs, the snow is just so pretty.

So on Monday and Tuesday, we don'y have school because of teacher work days. That means 4 day weekends for all us students (we are all happy about that!). But because of the snow storm, we didn't have school yesterday so that 4 day weekend went to a 5 day weekend! Even though I wish the storm would stop so I can enjoy my 5 day weekend at mall or movies, I can't. So i get to lay around at home and be completly lazy for almost 5 whole days. But there is one place I've been spending my time at so far this long weekend; the hospital.

Yes, I have been at a hospital a lot the last day and a half, but not for a bad reason. My brother and his girlfriend had a baby. Chase Ryan (my new nephew) was born at 6:08 this morning. Chase was 5 weeks early so he only weighed 4 pounds, 12 ounces, but he is so cute! Now I have a nephew who is like 4 or 5 hours old, and a niece who is 8 months old. Two of the cutest babies in the world!

Audrey Sue: almost 8 months

Chase Ryan: few hours old

Wednesday, April 15, 2009


I love all of the four seasons. I love winter because of the snow. I love summer because its hot and no school. I love fall because it's the perfect temperature, and I love spring because it also has snow and warm weather put together. And even though i do love all four seasons, i also hate two of them as well. I hate spring and summer. The only reason I hate them is because spring and summer is home to my least favorite season out of them all: the off-season.

Yes, I am a huge hockey fan which means that in the spring and summer, there is no hockey for me to watch. The off-season doesn't mean just mean no hockey, it also means that players are going to get traded. This off-season I am especially worried. My favorite player, Peter Budaj's contract is now over and after how the season went for the Avs, I have a feeling that he might get traded. Even though I hope with all my heart that he doesn't, I have to worry for like 2 months until the day comes where he either gets traded or signs a new contract with the Avs (hopefully, second option comes true!).

To be honest, I don't want anyone on the Avs to get traded. I think our team for the season that just ended was awesome. our only problem was we also had at least five people injured. At one point, we had twelve players on the injured list and most of our top scorers were injured. If it wasn't for the injuries, I bet we could have had a better run for the playoffs that start tonight. But we will see what happens. Hopefully Budaj will sign a new contract soon so i don't have to worry for much longer!

And just for the record, even though the Avs didn't make the playoffs, they are still the best team in the league!! GO AVS!!!

Sunday, April 12, 2009


Yesterday i had my birthday party a month early and it was awesome! Me and my friends made poster for the game (even though we accidentally forgot the posters at my house) ate pizza, cookies, cake and ice cream, and went to an Avs game! The Avs played awesome yesterday but did have some bad luck at the end of the game. The game went to overtime scoreless. Forty seconds into the five minute overtime period, Henrik Sedin (Henrik and his twin brother Daniel are my favorite players on the Canucks) shot the puck, it bounced off of Budaj's pads and hit Hannan's skate and bounced into the net. The Avs had some very bad luck and lost that game. Budaj (my all-time favorite player) was still the number one star of the game and has now started for four games in a row now. In those four games, he has a goals against average of 0.96 (for those of you guys who don't know a lot about hockey, that is very, very good).

As Easter Sunday started, i woke up happy about how the game went yesterday and looked outside to see snow everywhere. It snowed while we were sleeping and there is now a very heavy, wet snow everywhere around us. Since it is Easter, me and my mom were going to wear dresses and even though it is 30 degrees outside, we still had our dresses on and we all went to church. Easter was going as it always does.

Tonight is when things start to get different. Instead of cooking a huge Easter meal, me and my family are going to yet, another Avs game. This game is the last game of the season for the Avs and it is also Fan Appreciation day. The Avs and Pepsi Center staff are giving prizes away all game and the players are doing "jerseys off our backs". Every player on the Avs is going to sign their game worn jersey and they will be given away throughout the game. I would seriously die if i got a jersey!

As Easter continues, we all see the real reason why we are all here today. As two-thousand years ago, Jesus died on the cross to save our sins and then rose again. Today is a very special day and we are all thankful that we were saved from all of our sins.

Friday, April 10, 2009

A Birthday A Month Early...

Tonight I am having my birthday party. Yet, my birthday isn't for another month. Yes, I am having my birthday party a month early because I wanted my party at an Avs game. The only way that I could have had a party at an Avs game closer to my birthday was if the Avs made it to the final round of the playoffs. Since the playoffs are a definite no this season for the Avs, the second to last game of the season will have to do.

My parents bought tickets (second row tickets) for the Avs game tomorrow when the Avs face-off against the Vancouver Canucks. I get to bring two of my friends and we get to go and scream for a few hours while my parents rethink their decision to bringing three teenagers to a game. But too bad that they won't be able to change their minds. I have waited two months for this game and it is finally almost time!

Tonight, I am having a sleepover with my two friends that are coming to the game. We will be eating pizza, cake and ice cream and talk girl stuff in the process of getting ready for the game (Scary thought of three teenagers eating a lot of sugar before an Avs game!).

I have been saying all week that "It is almost Friday!" and every time somebody said, "But it's only Monday or Tuesday," well to me, since I had been waiting for two months, it was almost Friday! WOOHOO!!

Plus, today was an awesome day! First we had this really funny sub in civics, then in English we were in the computer lab, and math we had a sub!!! Then I got to end the school day in science which is my favorite class. Now I am waiting for my friends to arrive and then the party can really began!

Go AVS!!!!! WOOHOO!!!

Wednesday, April 8, 2009


I just got my bottom braces on this morning. Even though I know that they will help my teeth look better, I still don't like them. They hurt really bad the first week or two when you get them. The main thing I hate about them is that after you first get them, it hurts to eat anything that isn't really soft. Some of the things that are easy to eat is pudding, ice cream, yogurt, and smoothies/milkshakes. I can eat other stuff depending on what it is.

Now that thing that sucks the most is that I am going to 2 Avs games this weekend. That is not the bad part! The bad part is that I can't eat all of my favorite foods because my mouth is going to hurt to much. I am really not happy with that. I know for a fact that the braces won't prevent me from screaming the entire game! Well actually, I think everyone knows that!

I am glad that I am getting the braces on so that I can just get it over with. Plus braces aren't all bad. I do get to miss school sometimes to go for my monthly appointments. I don't know how long I will have my braces on, but it will be worth it once i get them off and my teeth look a lot better.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Family Moments

Today is the last day that my sister and my niece are in town, so my sister went a little camera happy. Some of the pictures were really good, but others were really funny. Here are some that we got:

Family moments like these are really special, no matter how weird or funny they are. You just need to enjoy life with your family by your side.


As most of you know already, my favorite sport is hockey and it has been for almost nine years now. The playoffs for the 08-09 season start in a week and my favorite team, the Colorado Avalanche are not going to make the playoffs for the second time since they became a team in 1995. The first time they didn't, they missed it by one point. This season is a whole new story, one that the Avs have never had to deal with before. With four games left in the season, the Avs are sitting in last in the western conference. Out of the fifteen teams in the western conference, the Avs are dead last.

The Avs are doing the worst they have ever done since moving to Denver from Quebec. The seasons record defiantly shows with how many fans are actually show up to Pepsi Center for each home game. I try to to go to every game i can. Me and my family used to have season tickets but this season we decided (well my parents did) that we didn't need season tickets. I think that's the reason that the Avs didn't make the playoffs.

Well since the Avs aren't going to be in the playoffs, i am starting to decide who to cheer for. I think, after a few weeks of trying to figure it out, i have finally decided who to cheer for her. I want the Carolina Hurricanes and the Chicago Blackhawks to make it to the Stanley Cup Playoffs. But as long as the red wings don't make it very far, i will be happy.

I am excited for the playoffs to start but also nervous at the same time. After the playoffs are over, that means that a lot of my favorite players become free agents. Hopefully none of my favorite players get traded but playoffs aren't starting for a week, so i am safe until June 1st. Go Canes and Hawks!!!! Love you Avs! :)

Monday, April 6, 2009


In English at school, we had to do the Shakespeare festival. That's when everyone in my grade picks one of Shakespeare's books, picks a scene and a group, and then memorize the lines and then act it out in front of a few classes. It does sound like a lot of fun, but for me it wasn't. I hate being in front of people, especially when its a 400 point grade (not like there is any pressure on us or anything). When i am in front of a lot of people, i start talking really fast and once i see everyone staring at me, i freeze up. Luckily, a lot of people were nervous. My group did really awesome after we performed earlier today. None of my group members forgot their lines and since we were first, we got it over with really fast. We were only up there for about 5 or 6 minutes, so it was pretty easy.

I actually had fun doing the Shakespeare festival. After we started and got going, and remembered to breathe, we had fun doing it. We also had fun watching all of the other groups perform their scenes as well. I am slowly getting used to speaking in front of people so hopefully, soon i won't be nervous at all.

Even though i did have fun doing the Shakespeare Festival, i am glad it's over. I haven't gotten my grade back yet but i think me and my group did really good. Plus it helps when you have really supportive friends that are there with you every step of the way!

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Here comes goodbye

I have had a song stuck in my head the last few days. The song is by one of my favorite music groups, Rascal Flatts. The song is called Here Comes Goodbye and it is such a sad song but it's one of my favorites. Here is the link to the music video.

Just in case you don't understand the song, the father dies and so the daughter is having memories of them from when she was younger. The little boy is the daughter's son and he came back to take the father back to heaven with him.

When i first heard this song, i didn't really get the meaning of it. Once i watched the video, i realized what the song was really about. This one of my favorite songs now, even though it is really sad and i just wanted to share it with everyone.

Friday, April 3, 2009


As most of you already know, it snows a lot in Colorado. Some winters get more than others. Such as this winter, we didn't get that many snow falls. I have lived most of my life in Colorado, and one of the things i learned about Colorado is that the weather is so unpredictable. The other day, it was sun shine in the morning and then snowing later on in the after noon. It is such weird weather. But of course i am weird so I fit in here.

This winter though, we had a couple of snow falls but only a little bit of snow. I had one snow day this year when i usually get several a year. We also got two or three delays but never enough snow for days off. It is now spring in Colorado (I think) and we have had more snow this spring so far than we did the whole winter. Over spring break, there was a blizzard and it snowed on Wednesday and more snow is coming tomorrow. Of course, the snow is coming on a weekend like it seemed to do a lot this year (which is also why we haven't had a lot of snow days).

Snow seems like almost a year round thing in Colorado. It snowed on my birthday in May once and there were flurries on my sister's birthday in June. After you have lived here long enough, you learn that you always need to be prepared cause you never know when the snow will come. Although i do love the snow and the cold, i am not a huge fan on the ice. I hate driving on ice, (well who does?) but i hate being in a car when it is icy. It freaks me out. That is the only bad thing about Colorado. I love the snow, the mountains, the hockey team, the cities, i love so many things about Colorado but the ice, i think, needs to go!

Tuesday, March 31, 2009

The simple things in life...

It always amazes me how the littlest things can make such a huge difference in someone's life. Whether it is a person, or a gift, or even just a smile, little things can make someones horrible day into an awesome day. In my life, many things make me happy no matter what i am sad about or mad about. I laugh randomley all the time just because i found something really random that made me laugh. One example for me is in gym. We are now playing lacrosse (which i suck at!) and i laugh all the time at it. Most of the kids in my gym class aren't good at lacrosse but we still have fun and are able to laugh everytime we dont catch the ball or if we dont throw it right or far enough.

Things like a game of lacrosse with your friends are fun and can make a difference in how the rest of your day goes. But then there are people that can make a huge impact on your day. When i lived in Virginia, my next door neighbor was a two year old (at the time, anyway). After a few weeks of living there, this blue eyed, brown haired little girl was able to change my life and the rest of a hard day. Every day when i got home from school, this little girl was waiting for me out on her driveway, with a huge smile on her face. Everytime i saw her, I was able to smile and forget about problems i had going on.

In my opinion, being happy can mean getting a good grade in a class that you usually aren't good at, seeing someone you love, and getting a smile or even a hello from someone. When you show to people that you are happy and you show them your smile, you could brighten their day and give them the friendly attitude that they need to see that the simple things in life are much more important than the huge things. I smile everyday when i just see the mountains and my friends, it doesnt matter to me whether i am upset or mad, cause i know that a great day is coming, no matter what!

Saturday, March 28, 2009

On the road again (2)

Yesterday, we traveled from Beaumont, Texas to Houston, Texas to pick up my dad. Then we traveled to Witchita Falls, Texas and stayed there for the night. Today, we were supposed to finish the "road trip" with the final nine hours of the trip. But of course, because it diecided to snow in Colorado, me and my family couldn't go anywhere since all of the roads we need to get into Colorado are closed. We spent most of today shopping, and relaxing, not wanting to get back in the car tomorrow and then going back to school on Monday (woohoo!!! Not!!).

I did get all of my homework done, except for a few problems on my math homework that i don't understand (Really, who assigns homewrok over Spring Break?). So tomorrow i get to just relax in the car and then sleep when i get home. And i will sleep for a long time! I am looking forward to school though since i do get to see all of my friends (Yay!).

Well tomorrow is going to be pretty boring since we will be on the road again. Hopefully we will be home tomorrow and we won't get stuck in the middle of Texas!

Friday, March 27, 2009

On the road again

This week was spring break in Colorado and so me, my mom, and my friend all went down to Texas to visit my sister, brother-in-law, and my niece. We spent most of the time swimming, relaxing, watching TV, and playing with my niece. After a week of being away from home, it's time to head back home and almost time for school to start again. We have to drive for about seventeen hours to get from Beaumont, Texas, to get to Colorado.

While we were down in Texas, my dad was on a business trip in New Orleans, and then in Houston. Houston is about an hour away from Beaumont so after lunch today, we will be heading to Houston, picking up my dad and then driving home together. The drive back home is usually pretty easy unless it decides to snow in Colorado. There is a "blizzard" in Colorado and in some parts of Texas and New Mexico. There is supposed to be about sixteen to twenty-four inches of snow by the time we get home on Saturday. Hopefully we are able to get home sometime on Saturday without the delay of snow.

I am not really looking forward to the sixteen, seventeen hour drive home but i have plenty to do. I have to finish my math homework (who gives homework over spring break?!?), finish memorizing my lines for the Shakespeare festival my school is doing, and watch movies on the DVD player in my mom's car. Every time i go on a "road trip" with my family, i always think of a song from one of my favorite movies. "On the road again" from the movie Shrek. I love Donkey, he is so funny!

Well i have to go finish packing for the trip. Seventeen hours, Woohoo!

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Welcome to my mind

Hey Everyone! This is my first blog and i am so excited to start blogging just like my dad. He has been blogging for over a year now and he would let me guest blog every now and then and i was having so much fun that i decided to start my own.

Just a little back ground on me; I am an Avs Fanatic (the Avs are the Colorado hockey team). I have a brother and a sister, and a brother-in-law. My sister has a daughter that is seven months old and is the cutest baby in the world. I love to baby-sit. I love little kids so much that i volunteer in the elementary at my school, once or twice a week. I am thinking about being a teacher when i grow up and go to college.

My Blogs are going to be about many things and most likley random. They will be about the Avs, my family, my friends, high school, and "drama" that happens in my life. There will probably be many more things but that is just a start.
Thanks so much for reading my first blog and more will be coming soon.