Tuesday, October 13, 2009

My unhappiness with Greg Biffle..

Robby Gordon made me unhappy a few weeks ago and now, so has Greg Biffle. The sad part is, I used to like "The Biff." This time though, even my parents understand why I am so mad at him.

2 weeks ago, Nascar Nationwide Series was in Fontana at Auto Club Speedway. Joey Logano was on the pole, his teammate, Kyle Busch was starting next to him in second and Biffle was starting 14th. Usually, the two Joe Gibbs Racing teammates are the two everyone is chasing, but this weekend, Kyle wasn't much of a threat to anyone. Kyle was sick with a fever but still started the race so he would get the points and Denny Hamlin (Joey and Kyle's teammate on the cup side) was standing by for when the first caution came out.

Kyle got the lead from Joey after a few laps and led until that caution came out on lap 36. When everyone came in for tires, Kyle got out of the car and the crew helped to get Denny buckeled up and then change the tires. They re-started in the back of the pack. Meanwhile, Joey was in the front getting a lead on everyone except for one. Biffle was a little bit faster than Joey and caught up to him.

Once Biffle had caught up to Joey, the battle for the lead began. Joey was up against the wall and Biffle was on the inside of him. Then, Biffle hit Joey and Joey went into the wall and lost the lead and many more spots as everyone started to pass him because of the damage to the right side of his car. At this point, I was a little upset but that happens a lot, I figured that Biffle just got loose.

At the time when Biffle hit Joey, Jeff Gordon was with the announcers talking about the Chase. Jeff said that Biffle was too good of a driver to do that on accident. Then the announcers decided to listen to the Joey radio. Joey was screaming because Biffle put him into the wall. Then they listened the Biffle radio. He said that Joey came down on him and he didn't do anything wrong. Now I was wondering about what had happened.

While Joey was getting the damage fixed on his car, there was a new threat on the track. Denny Hamlin, in Kyle's car, had made his way back to the front and was now in a 3 way battle with Biffle and Keselowski. All of a sudden, Denny got a little loose and wrecked himself and Biffle. Keselowski got by without hitting them and so did Carl Edwards and Joey. Joey came back on that restart and won the race, his second win in two weeks.

I was watching the after race stuff to see if they said anything about Biffle and what I heard made me so mad. A lap before Joey and Biffle got together, Biffle told his crew cheif on the radio that he was going to put Joey into the wall. >:(

Later in the week, Biffle said that he was sorry for putting joey into the wall but Joey had a lot to learn about respect for vetern drivers. He said, "I didn't run im into the fence on purpose. I just meant to put a little squeeze on him like he did to me at Kansas." Later, he said to Joey, "I think you need to pay a little more respect to the veterans in this sport." My response to that - the young guys do need respect for the veterens but the veterens also have to have respect for the young guys. It goes both ways.

Joey is in the blue and orange Toyota and Biffle is in the blue ford.

To see the video of the two drivers getting togerther, Click Here.

To see the article about what Biffle had to say, Click Here.

And just a little side note, karma came back around to Biffle in the Sprint Cup Race the following day when he and Kasey kahne crashed. And Biffle is in the Chase so that hurt him a lot.

2 Words... Holy Crap

Almost 3 weeks ago, I was on a plane, coming home from North Carolina. I was either on the plane or at the airport most of the day. The bad news about that, I had to miss the Sprint Cup Race that day.

We had a layover at Washington-Dulles Airport after we left Raleigh. When we got off of the plane in Dulles, i had a text from my aunt (who is also a Nascar fan!). I read the text and I started freaking out. The text said: "Joey Rolled his car, he is ok." So those were the two things i knew. I had no idea what had happened and even though I knew Joey was ok, I don't think I was. I sent my aunt a text back saying : "What?!?!?!?!?!?!" Once we got off the plane, i called my dad to see if he knew exactly what had happened. Here was our conversation:

Me- "What happened to Joey?!"
him- "I don't know but he isn't on the track."
Me- "Well I know why he isn't."
Him- "Why?"
Me- "All I know is that his car rolled."
Him- "I will try to figure it out."

After that, I had to get on the plane, worrying about Joey the whole time. When we landed in Denver, I had another text from my aunt and what this one said, freaked me out a lot more than the first one: "He rolled at least 8 times." This was my expression: =o

I called my dad when we were on our way to the baggage claim and he told me what had happened;

Everybody had started checking up going around a turn and Tony Stewart (who was behind Joey) didn't realize that they were checking up. Tony hit Joey from behind and Joey spun out into the grass. The trouble didn't end there. Joey went back out onto the track and into traffic. Reed Sorenson tried to slow down but was also getting hit from behind by Martin Truex Jr. and Robby Gordon. As soon as Reed Sorenson hit Joey, his roller coaster ride begun. And he just kept on going and going.

Click here to see the video of the crash.

"It just really scared the heck out of me... It started rolling, and I was in there thinking, 'Man, just make this thing stop.'"

That was the quote from the nineteen year old who said that he was fine but was just shaking from the accident.

I'm glad you're ok Joey!!!!