Thursday, April 1, 2010


Soccer has been going on for a few weeks now and I am having so much fun! It took me awhile to get back into it since I haven't played since 6th grade but the choice to do it again is turning out to be a good one. Plus we have the best team ever! Both varsity and JV are amazing and I have made many new friends. Even though JV has a little too much fun at practice!

Having practice every day after school gets tiring after a few days. I just want to go home and sleep most of the time! Plus we play in Colorado where it's freezing even in the spring! Such as today when the wind was pretty much stronger than we were and was just blowing the balls and our bags everywhere around the field. It was very annoying. Not much got accomplished today in practice because we were chasing all of our stuff around!

JV has had 2 games so far this season. Our first game was against one of the best teams in Colorado; Valor Christian. They dominated the game but we all learned a lot. The final score of that game was 9-0. Our second game was yesterday against Vanguard and it was an amazing game. We did a lot better on offense and our defense was great. We did end up losing the game but it was still a great game. The final score was 3-1. We are done for games this week and don't play again until Wednesday when we go to play Legend. After we play Legend, we are back home on Friday and play against Vista Ridge. Both should be great games!

Even though soccer is making me so tired and sore, I am glad I decided to play again! Plus I am wearing number 10 which is one of my lucky numbers! Can't wait until our next game!

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